I made 1 year living in Los Angeles!

February 9, 2014 Life

Soooooooo I’m sitting here editing a video at 3am, listening to this Johnny Long Chord EP (dude jams) and I happen to look at the date.  It hit me, it’s been over a year since I moved to LA!  Actually it’s been a year and 8 days, because February 1st was the official anniversary date.  I have no clue how I missed it.

So much I could say about it, but I’m half sleep so I’ll probably write a better post later.  They say either you’ll love LA or hate it, I’m most def one of the people that LOVE IT!!  A lot of the stereotypes “can” be true, but to me it’s like anything else in life, you either entertain what you don’t like, or you don’t, simple.  I think people get in trouble when they’re not grounded, by hanging with people they have no business hanging with, going places they know they don’t need to, partying way too much, all that stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, you gotta meet people and go places, but you can’t succumb to bs though.

I told my Mom if I ever gave up the acting dream I still don’t think I could ever move outside of Cali.(but I’ll never give up)  There’s so much to do and so much going on, but at the same time it’s super chill too.  People just do their own thing and enjoy life.

Funny story on how this move came about.  I was living in New Orleans for about a year, and then one day I thought “hmmmmmm, I’m going to move to Atlanta.”  (New Orleans & Atlanta basically make up ‘Hollywood South’) So I moved back to Dallas with my girlfriend like a month before my lease was up because I hadn’t found a spot in Atlanta yet.  I wanted to really take my time and not rush it so I figured I’d chill in Dallas for a month or 2 until I got the Georgina move figured out.  I think it was late October.  But then I booked a film in New Orleans(more on this in a future post) on Thanksgiving weekend, that was going to shoot in December.  So I put Atlanta on hold for a bit until we wrapped the film, but I was still researching where I wanted to live online.  Then one night out the blue I told Cupid(my girl’s yorkie) “say fool, I think I’m going to move to LA.” (seriously I talk to him like he’s human, and he listens haha!)  So then I wake my girl up and tell her, she’s delusional like “what are you talking about, you haven’t even been looking out there.”  I was like “I know, that’s what’s fun about it!”  Next thing you know at the end of January I had a uhaul trailer hooked onto my truck and we were headed west!  I actually have some videos I need to edit that details my  “living conditions” because I pretty much moved with little research.  BIG MISTAKE to say the least! 🙂

I miss Texas a lot and my chic, my Mom, the fam, friends, all of that, I really do, but I like the challenge of living somewhere totally different, chasing a dream that isn’t guaranteed.  If I didn’t love it, I’d go back, but I do, so I’m stuck!  I’ve met some amazing friends along the way, there’s a LOT of my  Texas peeps here, and I have a couple family members so I’m good.  If you’re ever out west, hit me up!  I have a couch you can crash on.. Well, a love seat, because my apartment isn’t all that huge, soooooo I have MINIMAL furniture.  Haha, but aye it’s good enough for lil’ ole’ me.

Let me clarify…. The homies can crash… Sorry homegirls, the gf kinda shut that shit down, so you gotta get a hotel! lol smh

Nah butI need to finish editing this video for Modern Metro Men, have a good night!  Or day I should say.



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