2 Bookings

May 11, 2015 Acting

I’ve been self submitting a lot lately.  Actually I always do.  I try to audition as much as possible because just like anything in life, the more you do something the better off you’ll be. I ended up booking a Director’s Workshop project for a directing class that was led by Barnet Kellman at USC.  Cool experience, he’s very knowledeable and direct in what he needs from you as an actor.  We ended up having a couple of in classRead More

Update Alert….

May 11, 2014 Update

Soooooooooooooo yea, it’s been awhile.  Nothing really interesting going on with me on the audition front.  Pilot season came and went, it was a crazy time, I didn’t have time to make any updates.  I had some auditions, a couple callbacks, nothing stuck though.  Was put on avail for a commercial and a TV show filming in Atlanta, those fail through as well.  In the meantime, I took a 2 weekend low-budget filmmaking class, not that I want to beRead More

Oh yea, this show was tonight!

March 3, 2014 Comedy

I forgot to post this earlier, the Oscars were on anyway so you probably wasn’t gonna come huh?!  You turd! 🙂

First stand-up show of 2014!!!

February 22, 2014 Comedy

So I’ve been jotting down notes for jokes, sketches, films, all kinds of crap since about 2010.  Most of it is joke ideas and “funny thoughts’ that crossed my mind.  The word doc I have it stored on is about 130 pages long, I’m actually in the process of splitting it up into more docs by subject because it’s simply too much to keep up with in 1 doc.  Any who, this year I really want to grind out moreRead More

I made 1 year living in Los Angeles!

February 9, 2014 Life

Soooooooo I’m sitting here editing a video at 3am, listening to this Johnny Long Chord EP (dude jams) and I happen to look at the date.  It hit me, it’s been over a year since I moved to LA!  Actually it’s been a year and 8 days, because February 1st was the official anniversary date.  I have no clue how I missed it. So much I could say about it, but I’m half sleep so I’ll probably write a better post later.Read More